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At Love Your Dog, your best friend's comfort comes first. From making sure your dog is wearing her favourite sweater to wiping down facial folds before bed to anytime belly rubs, your dog will be given the individual care and attention they need when they are with us. You can relax knowing your dog is happy while you are away.

Overnight guests wake up between 6.30-7 am for playtime and breakfast. Outside play during the day includes running, playing, digging in the sandpit or cooling off in the puppy pool. Dogs are grouped and rotate between indoor and outdoor play according to their size, energy levels and personality. When not enjoying one of our three large, secure play yards, pups hang out in our air-conditioned dog bedroom with dinner being served around 4 pm and lights out at 9 pm. The pet bedroom is equipped with a comfy pet bed, AC and doggie TV ( Guests are, of course, welcome to bring their own beds and chew toys.

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